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  • Laura Palmer

    Laura Palmer

  • Alex Yhap

    Alex Yhap

    I’ve strived to make video games my whole life. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and like to write about some of the trends I see in this industry.

  • NubianVR


    We are on a mission to build the digital infrastructure required to sustain an effective and scalable educational ecosystem in Virtual Reality (VR).

  • Jin Daniel

    Jin Daniel

  • David Vinca

    David Vinca

    Founder & CEO eSpark

  • Heidi Phan-Peterson

    Heidi Phan-Peterson

  • Ana-Maria Medina, PhD

    Ana-Maria Medina, PhD

    1st Vicente’s Mom 👦🏼 #daringgreatly ❤️my tribe 🌻 2nd: PADI 🤿 Wanderluster🌍 🧘‍♀️ Yogi | 🌻Nature lover | Minimalist 🍀 Lucky in todo

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